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Who’s Here Now?


Kathleen Gresham, tireless crusader for cheap, fun art supplies.

Welcome to Art Fun Cheap! I started this site because I love to play with cheap, fun art supplies. Cheap is good, because there is no guilt if your experiments don’t work out and you decide to discard them or give them away.

Maybe even more important, cheap art supplies are not intimidating. You don’t feel that you have to create a masterpiece. You can just have fun. 

And some inexpensive art supplies are quite good!

After few months hiatus this blog is becoming active again, so please come back often, as I’ll be adding a lot of new content.

Please leave a comment and let us all know if you have tried some of these products, and what you think of them. Also, please leave comments about fun, inexpensive art supplies and ideas that you’ve found.

Hope to see you again soon,

Kathleen Gresham