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15pcs Nail Art Gel Design Pen Painting Polish Brush Dotting Drawing Tool Set NEW Bs-05

One of the places I shop for good paintbrushes that are well made but inexpensive is beauty supply stores. If you bought the specialized brushes in a set like this one individually in an art supply store, they would cost a lot. And I have never seen some of these brushes in a hobby store, especially in a set at a good price.

The fan-shaped brushes are great for painting textures like fur. The very long, think brushes, called riggers in the world of fine arts (because they were often used to depict the rope rigging of sailing ships in seascapes) are used to paint long fine lines. And the other miniature brushes all have their uses for painting fine details even in large paintings.

for Set of 15 nail art pens, brushes for design & painting. Perfect for professional nail salon. Great for blending, side loading and getting into tight areas. Enable you to create beautiful nail designs in seconds.

Specifications: Three drawing tools Seven painting tools (also can be used as gel nail curing brushes) Two liners One dotting tool Two fan brushes for nail art effect (also can be used as eye shadow brush)

  • Item is shipped from China, and it will take 10-15 business days to arrive UK or it will take 10-20 business days to arrive worldwide.

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3 comments to 15pcs Nail Art Gel Design Pen Painting Polish Brush Dotting Drawing Tool Set NEW Bs-05

  • Amanda

    WOW GREAT DEAL These brushes may not be the highest quality ever but for the price I am extremely pleased with them. I use them for acrylic painting. The paintbrushes are soft and so far the hair has not fallen out at all. The price is amazing for how many you get! I bought more!

  • Nicole

    Very happy… I ordered this product, and it came a day after I ordered it (I live in California) and I was very pleased. The brushes are very good and the only downside was that when taking the plastic off the brushes, sometimes the top part with the brush would fall off. But that was no problem considering that you could just stick it right back on. A very good purchase especially for the price.

  • Anonymous

    I tried out all the brushes to find the brushes separate on the nail leaving streaky unattractive lines. If you want good brushes that give defined lines, don’t purchase these.

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