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20g Mineral Mica Powder Soap Dye Cosmetic Colorant 8 Sample DIY Pigments 2.5 Grams Each

Total of 20 grams between all colors. Comes in 8 different interlock baggies. [Other colors available upon request.] All Sample Sizes [2.5g] each; totaling 20g] Mineral Mica Powder pigment for Do it yourself Soap and Cosmetic making. These all have a shimmer finish in clear soap base and will be opaque or pastel in white bases. Sample all of these and/or test batch before buying in bigger quantities. Use these in soap making and mineral cosmetic make-up making. Just add to your mix and blend or stir until the color you like is achieved. Make your own products for less! Any questions; ask @PowderedUpDolly

Product Features

  • SHIPS FAST!!! You will receive 8 different 2.5 grams sample colors of Mica Powder -ALL MICAS
  • Colors you will receive: TEAL, HOT PINK, ORANGE, WHITE, BLUE, PINK, PURPLE and GOLD. They have a sparkle finish. Works Best in Clear bases.
  • Can be used for a wide variety handmade cosmetics. Use for Eyeshadow, Blush, Nails, MnP soap making
  • Use for General Cosmetics, Cosmetics for Eyes and Lips. Blend and mix well. Can be used in Soap coloring such as CP (Dust), HP, and MP soap making
  • Can also be used in eye shadow, lip gloss, lotion, gel, and shower product making including bath bombs

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