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24 Soft Chalk Pastels Set for Art Drawing, Scrapbooking & More -Assorted Colors

You can achieve beautiful effects with these 24 quality chalk pastels. Each chalk measure 3/8″ square and is 2-1/2″ long. They are easy to hold yet they are soft enough so that a brush, sponge tool, cotton ball, soft cloth or finger can be used to apply them. Use them for scrapbooking and rubber stamping projects, on ceramic bisque, on almost any type of paper including grocery bags and also for fine art projects. Once applied the chalk will not smear or rub off but a spray fixative can be used to protect the surface. Cleanup is with water. The selection of colors includes all the essential art colors which can also be blended together for special effects. Included in this selection are white, black, brown, turquoise, violet, magenta, red, orange, peach , dark blue, blue-green, red-violet, ochre, yellow, yellow-green, earth,grey, red-orange, green, light blue, blue, burnt sienna, dark green and yellow orange. PLEASE NOTE: Despite careful packing soft pastel sticks are often subject to breakage during shipping and handling. Professional artists recognize this as common with these products but it does not affect their usability or results.

Product Features

  • Chalk is non-toxic
  • Includes 24 of the most popular colors
  • Colors can be blended for special effects
  • Will not rub off when applied to an appropriate surface
  • Easily cleans up with soap and water

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3 comments to 24 Soft Chalk Pastels Set for Art Drawing, Scrapbooking & More -Assorted Colors

  • Yad.c

    Awesome!!!! Bought this as an alternative to permanent hair dye for my 12 year old and she loves wears in hair everyday to school so it’s like she has colored high lights.. She has dark hair so she does have to have damp hair when she puts it in so the color will be bright ..she doesn’t have a problem with it rubbing on her clothes which is good so no staining her clothes. Would definitely recomend if this is your purpose for the chalk cause we wouldn’t how well it is in the drawing department. ;-)

  • Stamping Lady "Stamping Lady"

    They are great! These chalks are wonderful! I use them in card making and rubber stamped projects and am very satisfied. Consistent color, easy application, and the chalks do NOT crack or flake! Buy them, you’ll like them!

  • L. johnson "God's creation"

    Love them!!!! I recently purchased these soft pastel colors and am very pleased with them. I am a beginner and I find pastels very easy to use and I have been able to create art that I never thought I would be able to do with these. Love them!!!!

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