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250 Masterpieces in Western Painting

Famous paintings in art history are reproduced and explained on art history flash cards in 250 Masterpieces in Western Painting. . Masterpiece Cards summarize highlights from over five centuries of art history – from Renaissance paintings through Pop art paintings, or from the 1440s to 1960s. The Cards feature art paintings discussed most often in leading art history books, creating a consensus identifying some of the best paintings in the world. Each Masterpiece Card features a brilliant reproduction of a painting considered influential in art history. Because each image has been authorized by its art museum, each reproduction shows true color. On the reverse of each Card are facts about each work, and a commentary explaining the painting‘s significance, written by an art history expert (or two!). Also, each Card is color-coded to show the city or country where it’s located, creating an itinerary of must-see masterpieces in art museums. The Cards portray art paintings from over 200 famous painters found in nearly 100 U. S. and European art museums. Who uses the Cards ? AP art history students and teachers; parents wishing to teach young children about famous paintings; attendees in art history, art appreciation, and art education classes; visitors to art museums; home education and homeschooling families; and curious minds of all ages! Which works of art are included in Masterpiece Cards ? Download the free Famous Paintings ebook at – learn the title and painter of each work; the year the painting was completed; and the art museum and city in which it is located. Discover which famous paintings to visit in art museums wherever you go! Masterpiece Cards offer a lifetime of art appreciation, one famous painting at a time!

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