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30 Sheets #1 Mulberry Paper for Chinese Painting or Sumi-e (13″ X 17″)

This traditionally handmade PI paper is made of mulberry tree* fibers for crafting and brush painting. Medium thickness, it is very tough and hard-wearing as lamp cover and other paper crafting material. it is absorbent but does not smear that much as a good brush painting paper. I would recommend this beautiful paper to sumi-e students and all watercolorists to collect and give it a try.
*Mulberry tree leaves are the sole food source of the silkworms.

Product Features

  • Made of mulberry tree inner bark
  • PH neutral and archival
  • Works well with most water-based art media including watercolors and fluid acrylics
  • Perfect for Sumi-e or Chinese brush painting, and also good for Calligraphy, Mounting, Rubbing, Stamping, Kite, Lantern, Window Covering
  • 30 cut Sheets each measuring 13″ x 17″

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