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3LBS Medium Water absorbing crystal,polymer, soil moist, Insect Water

Please note: This is a discount Lawn Care product, I can not be held accountable for other sellers items if you purchase from them. I also ship my items priority 2-3 business day delivery once you receive your tracking number. If you have any questions about my listing, please contact me, Discount Lawn Care.

Soil Moist is a synthetic acrylic polyacrylamide with a potassium salt base. It is a safe, non-toxic polymer used in all types of horticultural applications. When used according to the application rates, Soil Moist can reduce irrigation frequency by 50% and last 3 – 5 years in the soil.

Soil Moist hydro-gel co-polymers increase water holding capacity of potting media by 50% to 100% or more, depending on the type of media, the quality of water, and the amount of applied fertilizer. The hydro-gel releases 95% of its stored water to growing plants.

Increased water supply enhances germination and reduces the relative water loss by evaporation and drainage. It is neutral in pH and is non-toxic. Soil Moist reduces the amount of fertilizer lost through drainage, consequently reducing the amount of applied fertilizer by 25% to 50%.

Soil Moist’s innovative technology allows you to use it two ways: pre-moistened (hydrated) or dry (granular). Pre-moistened, you may use your favorite water soluble fertilizer so your plants can immediately benefit form Hydro-gel’s water and nutrient storing power, allowing for more uniform mixing and proper application. Turns ordinary soil or even sand into a quality potting soil. Specialty applications: lawns, landscaping, bedding areas and other large scale installations, hanging baskets, bare root trees and shrubs, tree/shrub transplanting, seed germination.

Product Features

  • 3LB Soil Moist
  • acrylic polyacrylamide
  • non-toxic polymer
  • Soil Moist can reduce irrigation frequency by 50%

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3 comments to 3LBS Medium Water absorbing crystal,polymer, soil moist, Insect Water

  • Squirrel Whisperer

    Great Value This product is a miracle. It is definitely comparable to the MiracleGro water crystals. I bought two of the 3lb bags because it was a better value ($ per #), the seller shipped the two bags together, but still charged double shipping via USPS, but still a better value than ordering than 5# and alot cheaper than MiracleGro. However, I will check into another a brand I ordered previously that was better packaging (this product comes double-bagged in ziplocks), I don’t know why I didn’t think to check the previous brand ordered for larger packaging and it was free shipping compared to $7.95 S&H for this product. I still give them 5-Stars because the product is a great product and a great value, it really works. I have been using water crystals from MiracleGro (8oz @ $7.95) for years and the results have been wonderful, especially for outdoors, if you live in an area where you get alot of rain and then drought, this product is great or if you have very hard soil where you get alot of run-off when you water your plants, I also use it in my lawn, under my grass I transplanted to keep it from wilting or drying out between waterings. The product will stay in your soil for up to 5 or 7 years. I also used it in my veggie garden with tremendous results, no wilted veggies in the afternoon.The product aerates your soil when it expands and contracts keeping oxygen flowing through soil, it holds “extra” water that would normally soak on through or run-off as waste, it sticks to the plant roots so roots can absorb moisture from the crystal when soil becomes dry, and it keeps you from overwatering (holds excess water away from roots until they are dry again. For the price/value I use it for lawn, houseplants, veggie garden, flower beds, fruit/citrus trees, etc.

  • Rusty

    Not instant snow The price on these crystals are great! Much less expensive than I have seen anywhere else!These crystals hold an amazing amount of water and expand more than expected. Before using in soil, tested them to see how much water I could expect them to hold. Placed about a teaspoon, maybe less, in a coffee cup and added a little water. These do expand slightly slowly, not instantly, so it took a few minutes. Checked back and they had absorbed half a cup of water. Added more water. They absorbed that. Filled the cup to the top and they absorbed that and expanded to fill the whole cup! They may have held more than that but I stopped there, with the whole cup filled from one teaspoon of crystal.This should help the soil in my garden, here in the desert.If ordering this, don’t expect pure white crystals like instant snow. These have a yellowish tinge. Not a problem for mixing with soil but I was a little disappointed. If they were white, I would have been ordering multiple bags to hold for around Christmas. If you want to add coloring to them, that would work!

  • Whisper

    Great for keeping cool I use these crystals inside fabric neck coolers. Half a teaspoon will absorb over a cup of water and will cool constantly through slow evaporation through the fabric. We’ve had a heat wave in San Diego the last few weeks and it has saved my life on the tennis courts and out hiking.

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