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500 Handmade Books: Inspiring Interpretations of a Timeless Form (500 Series)

Interest in bookbinding and the related arts has exploded in the past decade, inspiring artists to explore the unlimited possibilities of the form—and delighting collectors, crafters, and gallery owners. Lark’s Cover to Cover has been a bestseller for more than ten years, and this new and provocative on-the-page gallery, richly illustrated with hundreds of breathtaking photographs, will appeal to that same large and discerning audience. They’ll appreciate the artistry of a finely tooled leather cover, embellished with traditional gold-leaf lettering; the intricacy of an exotic Ethiopian binding with a show-stopping open spine; and others that resemble mysterious puzzle boxes, or that curl, hang, and swirl. The sublimely talented contributors all put their finest work on display: Jeanne Germani’s Cloudspeak showcases her own handmade papers, made from such varied materials as recycled denim, thistle, and other plant matter. Chris Bivin’s codex-style volume features curious, tiny, found objects. One of Laura Wait’s untitled pieces utilizes a handsome raised-cord binding to connect a pair of stained-cedar covers with abstract aluminum letterforms attached.
The entire collection is juried by the esteemed Steve Miller.

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2 comments to 500 Handmade Books: Inspiring Interpretations of a Timeless Form (500 Series)

  • Judith Hoffman "artist"

    Amazing, inspiring, mind-opening artist’s books What a wonderful book! 500 Handmade Books includes artist’s books made of metal, paper, clay, leather, wood, polymer clay, wool, plexiglas, fabric, a ukulele, bark and more. There is a huge range of books, from beautiful traditional leather and book board codices, to books that are so odd or surprising. There are books with a sense of humor and books with a serious message. I could name names, but that would leave out hundreds of other incredible books.For me, it’s the more daring artist’s books that make this book worth purchasing. These are books made by people who love books, and they love the materials they work with. They bring the two together to make books that will make you think about “bookness.”I have seen a few of these books before, mostly on the internet. But many of them are new to me. (Not that I’m an expert.) I want to search for so many of these artists, I’ll be busy for weeks.It’s true, as others have said, there is only one photo of many of the books, so you can’t see the inside, or the cover. There are no how-to instructions. But the caption for each book usually lists the binding style, materials and techniques, so you can look for some information elsewhere.

  • Ellen M. Gibb

    500 HANDMADE bOOKS What a treasure house of incredible artists’ books! I had to turn off the tv for this one, and spent two and a half hours lost in its pages, as my head was filled to overflowing with inspiration and amazement! It is difficult to describe the variety, beauty, imagination, and innovative genius reflected in this display of original handmade books. This is a book that will make you say “OOOOOH!” out loud! It’s a wonderful reference book for book artists, book arts teachers, or for anyone who simply loves to look at and appreciate beautiful and amazing works of art. The books are beautifully presented, without commentary, in excellent color reproduction. My only regret was not to be able to turn the pages of the books shown and go deeper into them!

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