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Acrylic Medium Golden Artist Colors Iridescent Silver (fine) 2oz tube

Heavy Body Acrylic Colors The original line of GOLDEN Artist Acrylics–known for an exceptionally smooth thick consistency. Heavy Body Acrylic Neutral Grays A series of achromatic grays that follow the Munsell Value Scale. They allow artists to adjust value and chroma without altering hue. Historical Heavy Body Acrylic Hues Authentic recreations of colors that have been in use for hundreds of years and were considered essential to the working palettes of past masters. Heavy Body Acrylic Iridescent / Interference Familiar for their radiance GOLDEN Iridescent Colors produce a luster by themselves with other colors or mixed with mediums. GOLDEN Interference Colors offer a unique “flip” when viewed from different perspectives.

Product Features

  • Know for its exceptionally smooth – buttery consistency
  • Excellent permanency and lightfastness
  • No fillers – extenders – opacifiers – toners or dyes added

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