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Acrylic Paint Set 12-Colors (Aluminum tubes, 12 x 0.4oz)

Product Description Finally, you’ve found the professional quality acrylics that give you truly outstanding results. Whether you have years of experience in the medium, or you’re trying out acrylic paints for the very first time, Arzeta’s paints give you the extraordinary quality you’ve been searching for. Freedom of Creativity – Your ideas are brilliant. That’s why you want myriad paint colors to mix and experiment as you craft your newest work. Here, we give you a hand-picked selection of bold colors, so you have everything you need, right at your fingertips. Exceptional Quality – While low-quality materials easily crack or provide only thin, weak tones on finishing, Arteza’s dynamic acrylic paint set gives you a final product that dries clean, smooth, and vivid. Now, you can Supporting Your Artistry Here at Arteza, we know that great work only comes with great materials. That’s why we’ve created this exceptional line of acrylics; to support your artistry. This way, you can breathe life into each of your amazing and extraordinary ideas.

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