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Acrylic Painting Techniques – Most Use

Just as there are thousands of artists, so are there acrylic painting techniques. No one can tell you exactly how you are supposed to paint. You can however learn a lot of painting techniques that will help you as you learn. Some of these techniques you will find useful and others you may chose not to use. I’ve listed a few of the most general acrylic painting techniques.

Study your subject. When you are painting a landscape for example you really want to look at the variety of subjects. Look at the clouds, are they soft and fluffy, do they overlap and run into each other or are they several individual clouds. Look at the trees and foliage. Notice the overall shape. Notice the spaces where you can see through the trees, branches and leaves. Look at the hills and mountains. Notice the variety of colors and highlights. Notice how the objects in the distance appear duller in color. Do this with all the subjects in the landscape. Under paint your canvas.

Under painting is done so that you don’t have to worry about white specs showing up in your work. You will use a warm color like burnt sienna. Cover the entire canvas with easy free strokes, even the sky area. Under painting the beginning canvas is one of the basic techniques that you may feel helps you a lot. Others may not use this technique. I use the technique occasionally but not every time I paint.

Think of Layers in your painting. Start with the furthest objects. Starting at the top of the canvas and working downward helps you to apply the furthest objects first. The sky is obviously the furthest object. Paint in the sky and then work on the most distant land, hills, trees etc. These objects will be painting in while continually working downward on the canvas. The closest objects will be lowest on the canvas and will be largest. Remember closest objects can and should overlap distant ones. For example trees in the foreground will be painting over and in front of other things like hills and trees. Work in layers. Working in layers is how I achieve my under painting.

The first layer in the under painting is usually dark. You add a lighter color to the paint and add the next layer but don’t cover up the entire first layer. Continue to do this until you have several shades, shadows and highlights in your work. This method works well when painting seas, land, or even snow.

These are just a few acrylic painting techniques that may help you along as you paint. There are hundreds of methods of painting so you shouldn’t get frustrated if something does not seem to be working for you.

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