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Who’s Here Now?

Aldwyth: Work V./Work N. Collage and Assemblage 1991-2009

The reclusive American artist Aldwyth (born 1935) has labored at some distance from the mainstream art world to produce astonishingly complex and dense collage and assemblage works that recall the fantastical intricacies of Jess, Ed Kienholz Bruce Conner or even Hieronymus Bosch in their diagrammatic, ordered mayhem. In an accompanying essay, Rosamond Purcell describes Aldwyth’s work thus: “packed with intricately fashioned episodes, they seem like worlds that lie outside of our world, and infinitely worth exploring.” As records of other worlds, these works manage to simultaneously suggest maps, instruments and ruins. This catalogue, coinciding with the first major retrospective of this under-recognized artist, brings Aldwyth’s work to a wider public for the first time.

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