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Aleene’s Paper Glaze

Add a glass-like clear dimensional layer to paper crafts. Tint with acryclic paint or use alone to accentuate design details. Does not run colors. Can be accented with a variety of embellishments including microbeads glitter and trims. Apply with a convienent needle-nose tip for precise and small designs or use a brush for larger designs. Dries to a hard non-tacky finish. Non-yellowing non-toxic and acid-free.

Product Features

  • 2 oz. bottle
  • Great for card making and memory.
  • Dries to a hard, non-tacky finish, non-yellow ing, non-toxic and acid free.

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2 comments to Aleene’s Paper Glaze

  • Just Loves Books

    Used by dollmakers This is the go-to product for doll makers to create realistic tears and wetness/spitbubbles for the lips. Works perfectly. There are many tutorials online showing you how to use it.

  • fan of quality products "turmfalke22"

    Love this for paper crafting! Please note that this glaze is labeled “PAPER glaze”. The other two reviewers seem to have attempted other projects, the one-star review didn’t specify what that project was. I think it’s unfair to rate a product when using it for other than its intented purpose.I picked up a bottle at Michael’s with a coupon and decided to try it out. I squeezed out a dime sized amount onto my Tim Holtz craft sheet and mixed in reinker colors slowly to prevent bubbles, then applied the product with a paint brush onto clear acetate paper that I had stamped with an image. The idea was to create a stained glass effect, and it worked beautifully. The glaze dried fairly quickly so I could apply the next color, and I finished 20 stamped images in one night. Absolutely love the results, highly recommended.

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