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Who’s Here Now?

April 25, 1910

Presenting the fantastic interior of Flynn and Young’s, Fishmongers & Poulterers of Conduit Lane, Waterford (telephone no. Waterford 104 should you wish to place an order). I’m hazarding salmon as being on sale, but there are lots of other fish in evidence, so all suggestions as to "make and model" of fish are welcome…

Date: Monday, 25 April 1910 at 12.45pm

NLI Ref.: P_WP_2015a

9 comments to April 25, 1910

  • Nick Stewart2

    Fantastic photo. I see a rabbit too!

  • Niall McAuley


    December 16, 1907


    They all look hungry for business. I’d bet you could wander in there and be unable to resist leaving without having first bought something. I’d imaging their necks would be on the line if any of them ‘failed’ to make a sale. Shop assistant work was tough back then whatever they were selling, so I understand.


    I am wondering if they are two separate businesses sharing the same premises?

  • yousif abdelrazaq


  • National Library of Ireland on The Commons

    [] And interesting demarcation of roles judging by clothes and where they posed? Accounts people in their cubby; butcher types to the right in full whites; storesmen/delivery people at the left?


    ….and must have been a very brrrr freezing place to work in during the colder months. No insulation in the roof space.

  • dorameulman

    Excellent documentation of a moment in time. I love the tiny office in the corner with 3 people inside :)

  • desmondg47

    Premises were where the boutique Cummin’s and Stone are now on the east side of Conduit Lane near the junction with High Street in Waterford

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