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Who’s Here Now?

Art Fun with Photos

One of the fun trends in collages and art journals in recent years has been incorporating photos into hand-drawn art. For example, glueing down a photo and then extending the scene to fill the page (or part of it) by drawing with crayons or paints. People also paint or scratch or draw directly on photos with markers or bleach pens to create various interesting effects.

Not everyone wants to take their own photos, though. Not everyone wants a digital camera or the bother of downloading the photos and printing them on photographic paper. A few years ago artists were using Polaroid photos, but those are now collectibles, expensive and hard to find. And Polaroid film is expensive and almost impossible to get.

So here is an idea for taking a lot of fun photos of a lot of people easily: Rent a Capture Pod. Capture Pods are portable photo booths that can be rented for parties, festivals and other events so people can take photos of themselves and their friends cheaply and easily and have a lot of fun doing it.

One difference between a Capture Pod and an old-fashioned photo booth is that a Capture Pod can hold up to 8 people, so the whole gang can get in the picture at once. Another difference is that each Capture Pod can be disassembled and transported in a standard cargo van.

You can even buy Capture Pods. You could put one in a cafe, bar or shop to entertain customers while making money. Or you could start a business by buying several and renting them out for parties and other events. Or you could do both. Each Pod has large, smooth side panels that are great for applying advertising posters, logo, or other branding for your company.

You can generally rent a Pod for a couple of hours on a weekday for a few hundred dollars, or on a weekend for around a thousand dollars, including an attendant, props, and advice and help on getting great photos. They bring the Pod, assemble it, help people get great photos, and then disassemble the pod and take it away.

For a festival or art retreat, for example, you could charge a few dollars for each photo and make back your costs or even make a profit for your group. The main thing is that you get a whole lot of fun and unlimited photos for the price of the rental.

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