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Art Stamping Workshop

Ideal for the rapidly growing number of rubber stampers, fabric artists, polymer clay enthusiasts, greeting card crafters and book makers, Art Stamping Workshop shows readers how to carve their own stamps and create a range of sophisticated and personalized effects on projects of all kinds. This one-of-kind book includes: A detailed section on materials and techniques; Complete, step-by-step demos and templates for carving stamps out of soft carving blocks and other materials; Ideas for incorporating a range of media; 22 projects that demonstrate how to use stamping to adorn jewellery, journals, scrapbooks, gourds, ornaments and fabric This inspiring guide takes stamping to a whole new level of artistry.

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2 comments to Art Stamping Workshop

  • Sharilyn Miller

    A FABULOUS book from Gloria Page! Kudos to Gloria Page for sharing her talents with us. She is an extraordinary mixed-media artist and I have been a huge fan of her handcarved stamp designs for years. Her new book is not only a stunning showcase of her artwork, but a practical guide to carving your own stamping tools for use on paper, cloth, clay, and more.Reading the introduction, I was immediately pulled into the text. Gloria’s friendly, engaging style of writing takes all the fear out of creating your own imagery for stamping. She then provides five pages of practical advice on finding ispiration for your images. This is followed by a thorough discusson of the tools and materials needed — everything from linoleum blocks and rubbery soft printing blocks to wood, brayer rollers that can be carved, and all the other items you’ll need such as inks, paints, carving tools, etc.This section is followed by an amazing 18 pages detailing how to carve your images and stamp or print with them successfully. Many different techniques are offered; even carving with a Dremel.®Finally on page 41 we enter the projects, which are divided into sections: stamping on paper, fabric, and alternative surfaces. Altogether 20 beautiful projects are stepped out in detail. And in case you were wondering, yes, Gloria provides templates for 40 great stamp images that you can photocopy and use in your artwork. She also provides a gallery of more advanced artwork from some of the biggest names in this genre, from Sue Nan Douglass to Julie Hagan Bloch. Wonderful!Highly recommended by Sharilyn Miller, author of Bead on a Wire.

  • Mixed-Media Maven "Jen"

    art candy extraordinare this book is awesome! i purchase this book thinking that i would like only the projects as the idea of carving my own stamps did not appeal to me. WRONG–i had just started looking at the carving technique ms. page reviews and i picked up a piece of rubber and within 30 minutes had 2 of my own stamps carved quite well! she reads like she speaks and the photos and step by step instructions are easy to follow. the projects are beautiful and i look forward to carving for many a year. highly recommend this book to all crafters of any type who want to put there personal stamp on their work!

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