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Art Supplies for Aspiring Artists

If you want to follow in the footsteps of painters such as Van Gogh and Degas, the first step is to buy some quality art supplies.

Before you rush off to your nearest art materials store with a wallet full of cash ready to spend big on the first products you find, it is important to remember that you are just starting out so you only need to get art supplies for your skill level.

You may only be taking up art as a hobby so you will not want to spend extortionate amounts of money on art products that you will only use sporadically when the mood to paint takes a hold of you.

Buying art supplies on a regular basis can become extremely expensive as you will hear stories about impoverished art students going without food so that they can afford the best brushes and paints.

If painting is just your pastime then you will only need to buy a few brushes, paint some paper and possibly watercolours if that is the medium you choose to use, which should not be entirely unaffordable.

Hobby artists should stick to fairly inexpensive art supplies as, although they will not be great quality and may not last that long, it is difficult to justify spending big on luxury items you will use infrequently during the current economic climate.

Those who are serious about starting to paint may need a few more art supplies such as a drafting table and some easels, which may cost more but they will demonstrate dedication to developing your art skills.

Aspiring artists will need to think hard about the quality of art supplies they are intending to buy as it may be worth spending a bit more money on art materials that are going to last a long time.

Price should not be the deciding factor when choosing art supplies as sometimes you can discover desirable discounts on the best products when searching the internet.

Online art shops can afford to cut their prices as they do not have the same overheads associated with high street retailers such as rent, utilities bills employee wages and so on.

Serious artists cannot go too far wrong buying products from popular brands like Winsor & Newton, Pebeo, Sculpey and Mabef as these organisations have built up a reputation selling quality art materials.

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