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Art Wall 3-Piece “Origin of Life in Blue” Gallery Wrapped Canvas by John Black

John Black‘s interpretation of the Orgin of Life in Blue. This is one of his signature pieces. He created this when he found himself reborn and revitalized with Nature and Love. Before he created this piece he was struggling and at a crossroads in his life. Things were going in many different directions, then there was a moment of clarity and everything seemed to intertwine together in hope and love. Therefore he created this piece showcasing how everything grew to form a strong bond between life and love. It Depicts how there are many things branching out in all different directions, but everything is part of one another and forms the bond between life and nature, forming love. Things can be so far, but yet a part of each other and close. No matter how far one tries to move away, there is strong roots and foundations that will bring back love and hope into a life. This is a 3 piece reproduction of a painting John Black created in 2006, one of the most troubling years of his life, which sprouted a new love for life. For the best quality, purchase this item directly from Amazon of any U.S. based seller. For quickest delivery order from Amazon directly.

Product Features

  • SIZE: 12”x16”, 14”x24”, 16”x20”
  • STYLE: Modern Impressionism. Materials. Canvas, Wood, High Quality Ink printed on Canvas (Printed Canvas Reproduction of Oil on Canvas)
  • SUBJECTS: Tree and Ocean with highlights, mid-tones and Shadows. Use for home, office and even gifting!

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