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Bianyo 36 Watercolor Paint Set ( With Small Size Water Brush,8 Pieces Watercolor Paper,36 Paint Cakes in A Tin Metal Case)

Are you looking for some watercolors which is convient for travel?

Do you need some vibrant colors to decorate your art work?

Come on and look at this Bianyo watercolor set!

Reasons to Buy

Design:Sometimes we can’t easily find which color shoud we use because they are all of the place.Bianyo watercolor box make they organized and easily found.Cover can be used as a palette makes more convient and value.
Vibrant Color:These colors are vibrant high pigment load,paints blend beautifully dry rich and vivid,clean up with soap water.
Nice forTravel:small enough to put in your bag!
Perfect Gift Idea:Quality gift case include,makes this set looks so nice that can be a gift for your friends,kids,girl/boy friends,parents,any one who loves watercolor paint!

36 Rich Vibrant Colors:

White,Lemon Yellow,Fluorescent Yellow,Brilliant Yellow,Gamboge,Fluorescent,Orange,Orange,Flesh,Peach
Vermilion,Fluorescent Red,Fluorescent Pink,Cerise,Brilliant Red,Crimson,Carmine,Violet,Purple,Fluorescent Blue
Shamrock,Cobalt Blue,Ultramarine,Prussian Blue,Turquoise,Hookoer’s Green,Deep Green,Brilliant Green,Leaf Green,Pale Green,Fluorescent Green,Burnt Umber,Burnt Sienna,Yellow Ochre,Grey,Vandyke Brown,Black.

• 36 Watercolor Cakes (each cake is approximately 1 inch x 0.4 inch x 0.3 inch – similar volume to a half pan)
• 1 Small Round Brush
• 1 Small Size Water Brush
• Sleek Metal Tin Box, Black
Gift Box

Product Features

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