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Biutee 10 Nail Plates +1 Stamper + 1 Scraper + Pack Bag Nail Art Image Stamp Stamping Plates Manicure Template Nail Art Tools

10 Nail Plates
1 Stamper
1 Scraper
1 Pack Bag .
we will delivery the design in random
How to use:
1) Remove the protection film
2) Apply stamping nail polish on the desired design
3) Remove excess nail polish with a scraper using a 45º angle
4) Pick up the design with a stamper using a rolling motion
5) Stamp the design on your nail using a rolling motion
6) Apply Top Coat for longer lasting result
Caution: Please use the polish which is thick.The stamp can’t pick up the pics clearly if the polish is too thin .
Take care when using, the plates are little bit sharp. Wear the gloves if necessary.

Product Features

  • 10 Nail Plates +1 Stamper + 1 Scraper + Pack Bag . All of our nail art plates are made of high quality stainless steels.
  • 10 piece set with designs ranging from love themes, plants, animals, pop culture and abstract art.
  • Remove protective blue film from stainless steel plates before use. The order will be delivered in 7-14 working days after shipping out.
  • we will delivery the plates cover in random color.
  • Have trouble using the product? Watch the 30s instructional video here:

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