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Boardwalk Butch 2440900 900 Foot Length x 24 Inch Width, White Butcher Paper Roll

BUTCH2440900 Features: -Butcher paper. Color/Finish: -Color: White. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 24” W x 900′ D.

Product Features

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3 comments to Boardwalk Butch 2440900 900 Foot Length x 24 Inch Width, White Butcher Paper Roll

  • SpartanVet

    Great Price We are always in need of butcher paper like this. Mostly for arts and crafts for the kids. There is not too much to say about this other than it is an excellent price, especially compared to the arts and craft stores in my area (Southern California). Love Prime fast shipping, made this an easy purchase. Highly recommended.

  • M. Dwyer "trngdev"

    Not just for butchers Ordered this for my sister who picked up a paper feeder at a yard sale and uses this dimension paper to line the bottoms of her parrot cages. It’s an odd usage but for the application, it’s quite convenient and saves a lot of effort. So 4 stars since it was reasonably priced, is good quality paper, fits the dispenser perfectly, and arrived just as promised — but it’s still just butcher paper so it would be hard to love at 5 stars.

  • Anonymous

    We have a 24″ wide coffee table, and I bought this to cover it so my son could color on it with crayons, markers, finger paint. It’s probably a bit too thin for the finger paint, but the coffee table had already sustained a lot of other unrelated damage so that aspect wasn’t a deal breaker.

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