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Book Art Studio Handbook: Techniques and Methods for Binding Books, Creating Albums, Making Boxes and Enclosures, and More (Studio Handbook Series)

How to Make Books, Albums, Slipcases, and More

There’s nothing like making your own sketchbook, or wrapping a favorite book in the perfect homemade slipcase. And you can create it all yourself! Select the tools and materials you’ll need, master basic book-binding techniques, and practice your new skills on 12 eye-catching projects. Then explore the gallery of variations for more inspiration to make each book form your own. Whether you’re an experienced book binder or new to the artBook Art Studio Handbook will help you take your books to the next level.


With Book Art Studio Handbook, you’ll learn how to:


- Set up your workspace or studio

- Choose the right board, paper, book cloth, and other supplies for your project

- Fold a textblock, make a sewing template, glue a cover, and practice other essential techniques

- Create albums: Imagine your photos in an Accordion Album with Frames, for example

-  Create books: How about a flexible Tacketed Book to customize?

- Create enclosures: From Slipcase to French Box

- Challenge yourself: Try your hand at an advanced project, such as a Travel Journal

Product Features

  • QU-53818
  • 9781592538188
  • Brand New Item / Unopened Product
  • Quayside Publishing

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