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Bookbinding starter kit

Vintage Paper Co Bookbinding Starter Kit This kit contains the basic tools you’ll need to make a book at home. All of the tools are of the highest quality and as used in any professional bindery. 1x Bone folder – made with genuine bone. Use this to fold, crease, burnish, smooth, poke, tease, push and pull! These are perhaps the most widely used of all tools in bookbinding and are great for all paper crafts. 1x Bookbinding Awl – made in the UK especially for us these are perfect for making small holes in paper before sewing. 5x Bookbinding Needles – 2 Large and 3 Standard sized – these are the industry standard for bookbinding and are especially designed to take our bookbinding threads and to go through paper properly. Made of nickel-plated steel, these are very strong and will last a long time before they need to be replaced. Bookbinding Thread – 10 metres of strong waxed linen thread, especially manufactured for the craft of bookbinding. This is our medium gauge (25/3) thread which is great for most weights of paper. 10 metres should be enough to get you started and to make a book or two.

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