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Celebrities Display Art Supplies Talents

Celebrities who express themselves through their use of art supplies are becoming more popular.

Many famous faces are no longer content to be an expert in their chosen field and are embarking on new careers by using art supplies to create paintings, pictures and sketches.

Spoonfed magazine noticed that the unlikely celebrity artist market was booming and produced an article about actors, musicians and sports stars who have committed art supplies to canvas in the name of creativity.

The publication pointed out Sir Anthony Hopkins who recently revealed his passion for painting when he exhibited a collection of his work, including abstract canvases, ink drawings and acrylic paintings at a London gallery.

Front man Peter Doherty is best known for his hedonistic lifestyle but he has also caused controversy with paintings and illustrations which include his own blood instead of conventional art supplies.

Fellow musician Bob Dylan has had his artwork compared to Degas, Van Gogh and Matisse, while pieces from his Drawn Blank series have enjoyed great popularity and sold for thousands of pounds.

Andrew White, director of publishing at Washington Green Fine Art Publishing, said that Dylan’s art work can be appreciated on their own despite the American‘s reputation as a legendary musician.

He told the Yorkshire Post: “When you see the exhibition and are surrounded by the work, it gives you a real feel of what Dylan is all about.”

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood is yet another rocker who has a penchant for painting fellow musicians such as such as Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley having been trained at Ealing College in his earlier days.

Hollywood star Josh Hartnett recently revealed that he likes to use art supplies to paint as it helps him escape from the pressures of filming big budget movies.

He said: “It relaxes me because it’s just me and the canvas and there’s no right or wrong way.”

Being famous is a great way to get your paintings seen by a global audience but entertainers will always need to demonstrate talent if they want their paintings to be popular.

Meanwhile, an investigation into the spending habits of Canadians has found that residents of Manitoba are incredibly creative as they spend more on art supplies than live sports events.

The Consumer Spending on Culture in Canada report examined the spending of North Americans on cultural goods and services such as art supplies.

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