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Child Art Activity Center

A creative art desk center for children is a fantastic place for your child to get creative and use their imagination. By allowing your child a special spot for projects, instead of the kitchen table, you are giving them the chance to really get creative without having to ask for permission to use the kitchen table. Having their own drawing desk is important for kids because it gives them freedom of choice when it comes to sitting down to draw and makes mom and dad happy because they most likely wont use the wall as their canvas.

By encouraging your child to sketch and paint, you not only improve their imagination, but can in fact expand their intuition and problem solving skills. Many believe that painting, drawing and sculpting stimulates a childs right brain and there is a lot of data to support it. Parents should be encouraging kids to “think out of the box” and being creative is the best way to do that. Painting and coloring with markers also encourages communication skills, because they convey themselves in a positive manner and tell us a story, which corresponds with their drawing. In addition, the time spent at an art center or desk keeps kids busy and entertained so you wont hear the dreaded words, I am bored! This activity keeps kids busy for an adequate amount for us moms and dads to get our own work around the house done.

If your child is into art, it is worth investing in a childs art activity center. It helps to organize the crayons, paper, markers, paint and all rest of the tools such as brushes, markers and chalk. This makes for easy access for the kids and keeps everything in the right spot, hopefully teaching organization skills to young children. Kids will have everything right at their fingertips and can play for hours. Clean up ought to be a breeze with the organization built right into these art centers.

An additional feature of a child art activity center is that it reduces clutter. Kids will make a mess from time to time, and with the unintentional spills, it helps to be prepared with a drop cloth underneath the art center. This is a great idea so the carpet and floor dont get destroyed. These units also feature paper towel holders and separate spots for paint cups.

If you already have a desk for your child and just need a storage cart, there is one on the market that is fantastic. It is the art activity cart by Guidecraft and it is one of the best on the market. This art activity cart features a top tray for paper with sides that are deep. It also has a pull out drawer. You can move this product freely around because it has ball-bearing casters on it. There are a lot of storage compartments, which provide ample room for the tools and supplies.

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