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Collage, Assemblage, and Altered Art: Creating Unique Images and Objects

A complete compendium—the first book to combine all three forms of collage

Collage is more than a pile of snapshots and a glue stick. So much more. Let Collage, Assemblage, and Altered Art lead the way to a whole new way of creating collage! Artist and author Diane Maurer-Mathison begins the book with an overview of collage, including history, tools, and techniques, plus materials and principles of color and design. Then it’s on to the collage projects, from traditional layered-paper-and-glue creations to photomontage to mixed media to digital collage. Next comes assemblage, with three-dimensional objects added to the collage mix to produce memory and shadow boxes, shrines, art dolls, jewelry, and sculpture. The last section, on altered art, reveals how collage and assemblage techniques can be used to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary art. Detailed step-by-steps and clear instructions, plus beautiful full-color photographs of collage, assemblage, and altered art by noted artists, make this the complete reference guide to collage in every dimension.

Collage is hot—assemblage and altered art are the next wave

• Dozens of innovative techniques

• Lets crafters push the papercrafting envelope with new ideas and inspiration

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3 comments to Collage, Assemblage, and Altered Art: Creating Unique Images and Objects

  • M. Conforti "Aloha!"

    Inspiring The work profiled here leans more toward fine art than craft, which is a welcome diversion. Worth the purchase for some really fresh altered book depictions.

  • S. Laverentz

    Great Reference I love this book. My copy is coming to pieces because I refer to it so often. I enjoy it because it is so inspiring, not because it tells me step-by-step how to make anything. Most artists don’t want to make exact copies of another artists work anyway. Everytime I look through this book I get energized to go to my studio and get to work!

  • ldivagirl

    Nice, but too much of a project book The problem with creating a project book when talking found objects is that I literally can’t find the same objects. I just want to learn techniques and make stuff out of what I can find. Still there were many lovely mixed media examples on display in this book.

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