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Cool Drawing images

Some cool drawing images:

Illustrated front page of the Christmas children’s supplement from The Queenslander December 4 1909
Image by State Library of Queensland, Australia
Photographer: unidentified


Description:Caption: The Young Queenslander Christmas 1909. Features a drawing of a koala clinging to a branch of a gum tree

View this page at the State Library of Queensland
Information about State Library of Queensland’s collection:

Gelaarsde rubber boot / Booted rubber boat
Image by Nationaal Archief
Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo / Het Leven / Fotograaf onbekend, SFA022807114.

Tekening van een “pneumatische sport-visch-en jachtboot”, een opblaasbare boot voor 1 persoon, wiens benen in de laarzen onder de boot steken. Nederland, 1915.

Drawing of a “pneumatic sports- fish and hunt boat”, an inflatable boat for one person with boots attached. The Netherlands, 1915.

Collectie Spaarnestad

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Note the frost on the trees
Image by National Library of Scotland
Army carts, Western Front, during World War I. Horse-drawn army carts being driven down a road on a frosty day. The frost and ice would have presented problems with all forms of transport, although at times it must have been a welcome change from the endless mud.

Vera Brittain, who worked as a VAD in France during the winter of 1917 remembered the cold, ‘By the middle of December our kettles and hot-water bottles and sponges were all frozen hard when we came off duty .. getting up to go on duty in the icy darkness was a shuddering misery .. All the taps froze; water for the patients had to be cut down to a minimum.’

[Original reads: 'Note the frost on the trees.']

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