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Cool Drawing images

Check out these drawing images:

Threshing Scene
Image by Galt Museum & Archives on The Commons
18.5 cm x 12.5 cm
Black and white photograph.

Photograph shows threshing scene with the workers, horse drawn hay wagons, steam tractors, and separators.

To obtain high quality and larger reproductions of this image please visit the Galt Museum & Archives website: and include thIs number in your request:


Door paard getrokken taxi
Image by Nationaal Archief
Spaarnestad Photo/SFA003008007
Tweede Wereldoorlog. Tijdens de Duitse bezetting in Nederland maakte men gebruik van de auto zonder brandstof/benzine wegens tekorten. Op de foto wordt een Ford V8 getrokken door een paard. Op de plaats waar de motor zat, zit nu de taxibestuurder. Nederland, Den Haag, 14 mei 1941.

Second World War. During the German occupation of The Netherlands people used a car without gasoline/fuel because of shortages. In this picture a Ford V* is drawn by a horse. The spot that would usually holds the engine is now being used as the drivers’ seat.
Holland, The Hague, may 14th 1941

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