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Cool Watercolors images

A few nice watercolors images I found:

Helge And (Holy Ghost) medieval church ruin in Visby, Gotland, Sweden
Image by Swedish National Heritage Board
Helge And (Holy Ghost) medieval church ruin in Visby town on the island of Gotland. To the left is Visby Cathedral, St. Mary.
Watercoloured drawing by Jacob Wilhelm Gerss, from 1807.

Helge Ands medeltida kyrkoruin i Visby. Till vänster är Visby domkyrka, Sankta Maria.
Akvarellerad teckning av Jacob Wilhelm Gerss, från 1807.

Collection: Collection of drawings, watercolours and prints, Archives of Swedish National Heritage Board

Parish (socken): Visby
Province (landskap): Gotland
Municipality (kommun): Gotland
County (län): Gotland

Photograph by: Lennart Strömberg
Date: 2008

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