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Crayola 24 Ct Crayons

Here it is: the classic box of crayons for every use. The box is small enough to fit in a book bag or knapsack, but large enough to hold a wide variety of colors. From carnation pink to cerulean, indigo to scarlet, you can mix and match to create colorful drawings and bold signs. It’s a must-have for every kid!

Product Features

  • Includes key primary and secondary colors
  • Convenient small package
  • Double-wrapped crayon for extra strength
  • Preferred by Teachers
  • Provides hours of creative coloring fun. Made in America

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2 comments to Crayola 24 Ct Crayons

  • Michael Hunt

    tasty tasty crayons My mom was too poor to buy me awesome name brand crayons like all the other kids had when I was little. Now that im all grown up and dont have to steal the worn out ones from Pizza Hut I bought my very own box. Its a little harder to stay in between the lines with your pinky up due to the fancyness of these Crayolas but im hoping my skills will improve with time.PS. there arent even 24 colors in the rainbow! Crayola has done it again with their wizardry.My box did arrive with a few broken tips from shipping so it may be better to buy local.

  • Caitrin Eaton

    Crayons: not just for elementary school I’m a graduate student who spends a lot of time reading technical articles. I like to print on both sides of the page to save paper, and hate it when highlighters bleed through. I’ve found that these crayons present a simple, affordable, and just plain happy solution to this problem. I keep this box of crayons in my purse and a larger box on my desk. They’re wonderful for highlighting the closely spaced type in scientific journals, knocking out some quick diagrams while developing a new algorithm, and stress relief. I love these crayons, and recommend them for scientists of all ages :)

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