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Crayola 30ct Twistables Colored Pencils

Crayola 30ct Twistables Colored Pencils

Product Features

  • 30 vibrant colors
  • Clear barrels for color identification and viewing the twisting action
  • 2.0mm lead doesn’t need sharpening
  • More colors now in one pack
  • Kid requested

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3 comments to Crayola 30ct Twistables Colored Pencils

  • M. Schlegel "The Boss of Me"

    How to “recycle” crayola twistables I had bought a bunch of Crayola Twistable pencils for my kids, who love to color. One the one hand, the pencils were very convenient because they didn’t need sharpening. On the other hand, they were only convenient for older kids who could be trusted with them…and who probably could sharpen pencils on their own, anyway. My older kids got the concept of not twisting the lead out too far, but the younger ones liked to push their luck. Inevitably, I’d find long pieces of broken off leads, and the waste would drive me crazy.So, how do you possibly recycle those long, broken-off pieces? It just so happens that the lead size of the Twistable pencils is the same lead size that’s used by the the Pentel Eight Color Automatic Pencil. This is one of the coolest clutch pencils because it holds eight different colors at once. But the price for lead for it if you buy it from Pentel directly is highway robbery. It struck me that the pencil leads looked close in size, and I substituted one from a Twistable into the Pentel. It fit perfectly, and the Pentel can use lead lengths as short as 3/4″, so even leads that before seemed unusable become usable again.Hope that helps someone!

  • J. Welsch "Mother of Two Boys"

    Not your traditional colored-pencil finish The colors are vibrant and there is an assortment of fabulous colors. However, the waxy material is more crayon-like than a pencil. Unlike regular crayons, I had to use more force than I wished to exert in order to achieve the consistent vibrant color that I sought. I found it impossible to achieve any shading from dark to light. I don’t completely regret my purchase, as it is another medium for kids to experiment and be creative, but I can’t highly recommend this as a TOY because you have to press hard to get good results, and I can’t recommend this as an ART material because you can’t achieve the results that can be achieved with real pencils.

  • Stacey W. Abdalla "Stacey Williams Abdalla"

    Break too easily I purchased these thinking they’d be worth the higher price than just plain colored pencils that have to be sharpened, but unfortunately, I am so disappointed. I bought the 30-piece set, and the ones that still work are great and lots of fun to use, but unfortunately I’ve had to throw away over half of them (barely used), as the twisting mechanism kept breaking. I took one apart to see if I could fix it or see what the problem is or if I was doing something wrong (all you do is twist it, so there’s not a LOT I could have been doing wrong), but to no avail. The twisting mechanism just seems to get stuck, so you end up twisting harder to see if that’s the problem, and it just ends up breaking the lead inside and jamming the whole thing up. I have emailed Crayola just to let them know – maybe product development can find the feedback helpful in improving the product, but for now, it’s a thumbs-down for us. Still love the ones that haven’t broken yet…as long as they keep working…

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