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Crayola Giant Marker and Watercolor Pad

Crayola Giant Marker and Watercolor Pad

Product Features

  • 25 pages of heavyweight drawing paper
  • Measures 12″ x 16″ in size
  • Large paper bound into a pad
  • Easy to sketch anywhere

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3 comments to Crayola Giant Marker and Watercolor Pad

  • Melyssa A. Harmon "CCRC Activity Coordinator"

    Too Flimsy for Water Color Paper Fine for throw-away drawings in pencil or crayon but this paper does not hold up and it cannot be used for watercolor painting – It’s simply too flimsy. Even markers are beyond this papers ability and we will use this as a means of keeping the table clean when painting with a better and true watercolor paper. Not pleased at all.

  • marjorie ingall

    Looking for a bigger pad of paper? Guess what –this isn’t it! This one is 12X16. For a larger size, look up “Crayola Easel Pad” on Amazon. (Just trying to save someone else the 6 minutes of searching I just did. Yes, my time is JUST THAT VALUABLE.) And FYI, the easel pad is fine for crayons and markers but won’t hold up to paint. Happy kid-art-doing…

  • Andrew B. Deer "City Gardener"

    A Tiny Giant I wanted to replace the used giant coloring pad my wife got for my daughter. I was very surprised at how small this giant coloring pad is. I am usually pretty good at catching this stuff. You know, when the pictures or description does not match the product.

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