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Creativity for Kids Awesome Origami

More than just folded paper, transform traditional origami designs into amazing works of art. The kit includes paper, jewels, feathers, wiggly eyes and other fun embellishments. There are easy-to-follow instructions that include step-by-step photographs

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3 comments to Creativity for Kids Awesome Origami

  • PDXbibliophile

    Awesome Gift I gave Awesome Origami to my art loving nine year old niece for Christmas. Eight months later, she is still regularly making origami from the ideas in the instruction book. She loves creating personalized pieces(she made me a dog that looks just like my dog)and giving them as gifts to friends and family. For her birthday I restocked her origami paper supply with so she could continue her art. Creativity for Kids makes fabulous products that really do engage the creative spirit of children.

  • Prudentia

    Fun for kids with the attention span Even though my granddaughter is only six, she loved this kit. She is very good with her hands and I was able to show her how to do some of the designs. Some adult supervision is needed with children of this age, but the kit is flexible enough with all its little decorations and feathers that children can use their imagination to make their own creations without having to follow the rules step by step.

  • B. Zhu

    A lot of fun for kids I bought the toy for a 10 year old girl. Her mother told me that the girl likes the toy very much. She made all kinds of different paper foldings and mailed them to her relatives and friends.

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