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Disney Princess Paper Doll Kit

The Disney Princess Paper Doll Kit, designed for children ages 3 and older, holds more than 500 activity pieces, including Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, and Tiana paper dolls, and hundreds of clings, stickers, gems, and more. The Disney Princess collection is designed to engage a child s imagination and allow her to dress, accessorize, and play with five Disney Princess paper dolls in a castle setting.

Children follow simple step-by-step instructions to build five doll-size Disney Princess storybooks. They create beautiful dresses for the dolls, using the included dress stencil and paper patterns. Instructions and materials for decorating a princess door hanger also are included. Here is a complete listing of what comes in the Disney Princess Paper Doll Kit:
Sturdy cardboard images of Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, and Tiana, plus stand-up bases for each.
Cardboard cutouts of the Disney Princesses friends: Jaq and Gus; Flounder and Sebastian; Rajah; Lumiere and Mrs. Potts; and Naveen and Tiana as frogs; plus stand-up bases for each.
147 clothing and accessory clings.
A dress stencil and 8 paper patterns.
20 Disney Princess stickers and 22 foil heart stickers.
Ribbons, gems, sequins, and beads.
Reusable adhesive.
Five doll-size storybooks.
Fold-out castle play setting.

The kit s convenient storage pocket holds all the pieces. The Disney Princess Paper Doll Kit is not safe for children younger than age 3.

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3 comments to Disney Princess Paper Doll Kit

  • BeeJay

    Creative Fun for Little Girls I bought this for my 5-year-old niece, and she loved it. Lots of room for imaginative play. The pieces stick well, and there’s a convenient storage pocket built into the book.

  • hummingbirdsrus

    Princess paper dolls I ordered these paper dolls for my grandaughter. She loves them. I like the cling on clothes. The only thing I would change about them if I could, would be the sturdiness of the cardboard dolls themselves. I’ve always thought there should be something that could be done to make them sturdier. In the same breath, they are thicker than alot of paper dolls. All in all, we are happy with them.Thank You,hummingbirdsrus

  • xxjenadanxx

    Super Cute but Not The Best The six year old loves these dolls, or the idea of them anyway. She begged for paper dolls for ages so she finally got this set for Christmas. I liked the set because its got five of her favorite Disney girls, plus the stage and the storage pocket and lots of cling on clothes. However everytime she tries to play with them the dolls fall over because the stands aren’t sturdy enough to hold them up and the clothes constantly fall off. She has only tried playing with them about three times because of this. Also the stage set up is really cute but if you set it up it isn’t flat. The flap they built in to use to prop it up is too short or something so the stage ends up floating at a weird angle instead of being flat for practical play. I am pretty disappointed and so is she. I know if it weren’t for these things she would play with it constantly.

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