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Doll Making

Here are seven original designs to suit the skills of any crafter from the ra west beginner to the most sophisticated talent. Whether for play or display, they will become keepsake dolls that are sure to be cherished. Line, full-color, and two-color illustrations.

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3 comments to Doll Making

  • "llbandcompany"

    Beautiful book by world reknowned NIADA artist. E.J. Taylor has written a useful text for dollmaking. The book can also be enjoyed for the beautiful line drawing illustrations and full color photographs. There are doll patterns to fit any level of experience or talent. The result of making any one of these dolls will be the creation of a very personal piece…and the growth of the new dollmaker as an artist.

  • Susan Hicks "Play Diva"

    Excellent If I had to choose one book on dollmaking it would be this one! It teaches you how to make a variety of dolls with a variety of materials and once you have mastered the basic skills you are prepared to move on to make yours original. It is very easy to read and follow. The author chose simple yet beautiful examples of his work and simple instructions even for the beginner. This is a must have for all doll makers.

  • Anonymous

    A Delightful Introduction to Dollmaking E.J. Taylor’s book is a quiet little gem and a lovely and unintimidating introduction to dollmaking. The clear instructions and and beautiful line drawings encourage the reader to attempt several types of dolls including a polymer clay doll, rag doll and a stocking doll as well as others. Simple straight-forward instructions for pouring a wax doll are even included. Anyone considering making a doll would do well to invest $10.00 for this low-key but very charming and helpful book. It remains my favorite on the subject.

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