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Drawing: Drawing for Beginners- Drawing Like a Pro in Less than an Hour with just Pencil and Paper

Tired of books that have low quality images or skip steps assuming you know how to fill in the gaps?

Have you ever wondered:

• How difficult is it to draw an object?

• What materials and tools am I going to need?

• How you must hold your pencil or eraser to do each part of the drawing?

• Where do I start as a beginner in drawing?

• How hard is it for me to add toning and shading?

• Will I be able to draw a beautiful portrait of my beloved ones?

This is simply the most comprehensive, analytical and easy to understand DRAWING guide on the market!!!

As a beginner you are going to need a real manual of how to draw really well. This book is exactly that! A real blueprint that will guide you through all the steps, necessary to learn how to draw your first full portrait. We will take you from the hand from square one and guide you through many analytical steps until you learn how to make complete portraits of your beloved ones on your own. No things to assume, no steps to jump to finished drawings, no wondering “how he did that”.

Only thing missing from this guide is… your imagination!

It covers a wide area of information, like:

Materials Needed

Drawing and First Attempts

• The Simplicity of Toning and Shading Styles

• The Best Grip Techniques to Hold a Pencil

• Crash Course to Draw a Portrait

• Learn How to Draw from your Memory

Draw your Favourite Superhero

• Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

• A vast number of high quality illustrations to see EXACTLY how one step leads to an other

• Much, much more!

So are you ready?


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