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Dusty Diablos: Folklore, Iconography, Assemblage, Ole!

Assemblage ole!

Bring your artistic yearnings and sense of adventure along on a journey to the land of Dusty Diablos. Inspiration seeps from every page, and inside here you’ll find: a tasty mix of ancient folklore (from the ancient metropolis of Teotihuacán to the miracle witnessed by Juan Diego); colorful pop culture (who knew that Western-Horror was its own film genre or that there’s an entire island overrun with misfit dolls?) and informative art-making how-tos (like the Tricky Burnt Paper Routine and crafting your own Nicho).

Join author Michael deMeng on an artist‘s pilgrimage south of the border and experience a culture as rich as it is beautiful and as genuine and down-to-earth as it is humorous and fascinating. While being mesmerized by all the amazing assemblage pieces, you also learn such nifty things as:

  • Mixing up Michael’s favorite paint washes to achieve “rusty” results in your own work
  • Crafting your own slithering serpent
  • Creating miniature story boxes
  • Aging bottle caps with beer and so much more!

Indulge your senses and come along for a trip through crowded marketplaces, a thrilling taxicab ride and the intoxicating festivities of Dia de los Muertos and discover the allure of Dusty Diablos. You might not want to leave.

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3 comments to Dusty Diablos: Folklore, Iconography, Assemblage, Ole!

  • A. Saujani

    Dusty Diablos is inspiration and perfection, pure and simple. Michael deMeng has perfected the craft of writing an art book that is guaranteed to inspire and instruct with an unparalleled combination of humor, storytelling and phenomenal art. Like a magician willing to share his most treasured secrets, deMeng reveals all as you follow him along his artistic journeys enriched by his skilful recounting of Mexican folklore. Extensive photos illuminate the stories and techniques flawlessly while providing a feast for the eyes. His profound insights into the artistic process will help every artist view their own work with a new perspective and leave readers feeling empowered and encouraged to integrate these techniques into their own work. Like a personal muse, you will return to this book again and again for renewed inspiration and a wealth of ideas in the art of storytelling through assemblage.

  • Artsycalgal

    Another Feast of Fabulous Techniques and Scrumptious Photos This is another spectacular book from deMeng! The pictures are wonderful and show in great detail his techniques. The descriptions are filled with poignant stories, inspirational experiences (I felt like I was there), great insights into his thought processes, helpful hints and pleasingly humorous anecdotes with just enough reminders to keep safety as a major goal. Even if you are less inclined than him to create artworks as steeped in the macabre, Michael’s techniques can be applied to a wide range of art styles. A book that will surely get ragged around the edges from frequent use!

  • Kaliya

    Assemblage and rusty things I’ve taken a class with Michael and have his first book.Personally I like this book 100% better!The pictures in this book were a lot clearerand easier to see what was going on. Then I love the fact that hegives his paint formulas which I immediately had to try!I liked the stories as well and felt they wee a betterfit than the earlier book.All in all I would reccommend this bookover the first book!

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