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Edgar Mansfield binding, 20th century

Eupalinos is bound in black goatskin with the upper cover tooled in red and white and the lower cover tooled in a mirror image in green and white. The spine is gold tooled, and the top text edges are gilt.

Edgar Mansfield (1907-1996) was one of New Zealand’s most renowned expatriate artists, and was widely recognised, particularly in England, as one of the most innovative and influential 20th-century bookbinders. Born in London in 1907, Mansfield was brought up in Napier, New Zealand and after studying art in Napier and Dunedin, moved to London in 1934 to further his studies. His style is characterised by the asymmetrical treatment of rectangular space, the use of expressive, non-figurative designs, and the innovative use of colour, leather, and synthetic materials. This volume was bound in England.

Purchased 1976 from Maggs Bros.

Upper cover of Paul Valéry, Eupalinos, ou, L’architecte (Paris : Éditions de la Nouvelle revue française, [1923]). RPr NUOV Vale 1923.

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