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Fabric Art Workshop: Exploring Techniques & Materials for Fabric Artists and Quilters

A comprehensive source of all the newest and most popular fiber art techniques!

This technique-driven book explores a wide range of new possibilities and materials available to fabric and journal artists. Each unique technique is presented with an inspirational, full-page photo of a fabric journal page. How-to steps with photos explore all the possible results from applying the technique. The reader can create journal pages and/or quilt blocks, which can be sewn together to make one large journal quilt, matted and framed individually, displayed on a meditation screen, or used as book pages sewn into a traditional journal format.

  • Full-page fabric journal block to introduce each technique
  • Step-by-step photos for exploring and executing the technique
  • Gallery showing ways to display and use the fabric journal blocks
  • Great value. Like two years of classes rolled into one book.
  • Beautiful “journal page” opens each of 28 technique chapters
  • All techniques are easily mastered by anyone. No complex dying involved. All products are readily available at craft, fabric, and quilt shops.

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3 comments to Fabric Art Workshop: Exploring Techniques & Materials for Fabric Artists and Quilters

  • gabbihope

    Amazing Book! This book is a must have for anyone working with fabric in experimental ways. It is loaded, and I mean LOADED, with surface techniques (over 25), each with photo step-by-step instructions and several different ways to use each one. In the back of the book is a section on fabric collage quilts with artist’s examples, but the techniques could be used for many different projects in textile art. I plan on using it for my art dolls! Great book!! I’m pleased to add it to my library!

  • Debra G.

    Excellent primer for beginners This book covers most of the popular surface design techniques in current use, including Angelina fibers, various printing and painting approaches, bleach discharge, and even rust dyeing. There are good photos and one page dedicated to each subject, so it is meant to give basic steps for the beginner. It’s an excellent reference for those experimenting with surface design, or anyone who wants to have a quick and dirty guide with all the information in one place. Obviously, it wouldn’t replace a hands-on class in each topic for depth, but it really packs in a lot of information in a usable form. I highly recommend it for gifts or for those who can’t get to classes.

  • J. M. Arden

    Playing with fabric art This is a well-presented book, covering many of the newer embellishment and mixed media techniques that have exploded onto the market in recent years. Each technique is presented in about 4 or 5 pages. The illustrations are what make it so useful. You can work from the fairly brief written instructions because the pictures are so easy to follow. Each technique offers 4 samples used in different ways. From this you could improvise and adapt the technique to your own requirements. It is an excellent introduction for people wanting to play with a range of new materials and techniques before concentrating on one or two.

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