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Fabulous Fashion (Paper Doll Book): Barbie

GOT AN EYE for style and a flair for fashion? With over 150 stylish skirts, terrific tops, and dreamy dresses to mix and match, little girls will love to dress up Barbie® and her friends in fantastic fashions with this deluxe 64-page paper doll book!

Product Features

  • Recommended Age: 3 – 7 years

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2 comments to Fabulous Fashion (Paper Doll Book): Barbie

  • Laura B.

    Fantastic book- best one on the market! I ordered it online, so I didn’t know what a good buy it was until I got it in the mail. I have purchased many children’s paper doll books, and this one is the best.With tons of pretty clothing options, your little girl can dress the three paper barbie characters over and over, a dazzling outfit each time.There are three dolls (Barbie, Teresa, and Nikki) and literally a hundred clothing pieces for them. It took me a while to just flip through and admire all the pages of clothing and accessories. The book is filled with fashionable clothing options of a multitude of colors and styles; I even think they represent stylish outfits that teens would wear in real life, without any immodest designs. You also get a bunch of cute accessories, shoes, and even pets! And what’s best is that all the items will fit any of the three dolls. Also, both the dolls and their items are punch-outs, so there won’t be much down time before your little girl can begin playing with this book. All the content is printed on nice stiff cardstock paper, so these will last longer than old fashioned paper dolls.I cannot recommend this book enough. Your little girl (or you!) will have hours and hours of fun dressing up her dolls in the generous selection of clothing this book has to offer. It would also be a great toy to play with a friend.Also, keep in mind that there are many punch-out clothes, so if your child gets impatient, just let her punch out a couple of pages and play with those. And when she is ready for a new set of clothes, she can punch out some more.

  • Ashley L. Carter "Avid Romantic"

    Paper Dolls Like I Remember I just happened to thumb through this when I was at Toys ‘R’ Us and I was amazed at how many different outfits there were and how cute they were. I remember being a kid and playing with paper dolls. If this book had been printed 15 years ago, I’m sure I’d be begging my mother for it. I was actually tempted to purchase it now, for the kid in my heart. But I think this book is well worth the value.

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