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Fantasia Set of 36 Colored Pencils in a Metal Tin

Fantasia Set of 36 Colored Pencils…Here is a very nice set of good quality colored pencils packaged in a very attractive metal tin. The pencils lay down rich well saturated colors and are very smooth. Quite amazing for the price.

Product Features

  • soft, scratch free application
  • High color concentration and extra thick blendable leads.
  • Perfect combination of colors included in this set
  • Includes gift tin storage case.

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2 comments to Fantasia Set of 36 Colored Pencils in a Metal Tin

  • Diane Meyer "Grandma591"

    Rich, Smooth Colors First of all, I am a 61 year young Grandma who loves to color: These colored pencils are absolutely the “BEST”.Rich, deep colors, very smooth laydown, extremely blendable, and lots of fun to use! These are the best bargain for either beginners or the more experienced person. For their “price” you can’t go wrong with a set (or two) of Fantasia 36 count colored pencils!

  • C. Donaldson "Connie Donaldson"

    Blend well I bought these for craft products with my grandchildren. I was more than pleasantly surprised by their quality. The colors are vibrant, the “leads” are soft and very blendable. They resharpen nicely.

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