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Favorite Storybook Characters Paper Doll (Dover Paper Dolls)

One pretty little doll with 8 costumes invites youngsters to enter the wonderful make-believe world of their favorite storybook heroines. Includes outfits for Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Becky Thatcher of Tom Sawyer fame, Alice (in Wonderland), an airborne Wendy Darling from Peter Pan, Anne (of Green Gables), Heidi, and Pollyanna.

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2 comments to Favorite Storybook Characters Paper Doll (Dover Paper Dolls)

  • J. Arena

    Fashionable Icons of Children’s Literature! What a wonderful way for girls to enjoy the wonderland of fictional heroines by paper doll dress-up!Enjoy dressing up as Becky — Tom Sawyer’s friend, Pollyanna, Alice, and other girls from the best of classic children’s fiction.This is a great tool to stimulate interest in reading.

  • Anonymous

    These dolls have lovely artwork that changes a single doll into a different storybook character. However, the paper stock is more light weight than other books I ordered and they must be cut out, not punched out. I would recommend this set for an older child who would be a little more careful with them, otherwise they probably won’t last longer than a single play. It might work better if they were laminated before cutting them out. I’m setting this book aside for when my grand daughter is older.

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