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Fimo Soft Clay 10 Color Assortment 25 g blocks assorted colors box of 10

Contains ten 25 gram blocks of Fimo Soft: white, mandarin, brilliant blue, peppermint, black, Indian red, tropical green, caramel, lemon, and violet, plus instructions.

Product Features

  • Fimo Soft polymer clay is easier to use than ever before, making it perfect for children as well as crafters of all skill levels
  • Set contains ten 1 oz Blocks of vivid Color: White, Mandarin, Brilliant Blue, Peppermint, Black, Indian Red, Tropical Green, Caramel, Lemon, and Violet
  • Brilliant color intensity, fade proof, odorless, versatile, easy-to-handle and hardens in your kitchen oven!
  • Once cooled, baked Fimo Soft can be carved, sawed, filed, cut and painted; is watertight and washable
  • So whether the project is a playful fish kitchen magnet or an intricately designed necklace and matching earrings, FIMO® Soft is ideal

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