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Flashing Wine Red Mica Powder 1oz, Ruby Red Metallic Powder, Cosmetic Mica, Slice of the Moon

You are purchasing one ounce (1oz) of Flashing Wine Red mineral mica powder, which is packaged in a zip bag for easy and safe transportation and to protect against damage during shipping to the customer.

This mica mineral powder has sparkle characteristics that shimmer beautifully in creative projects and or works. You can look forward to the high shimmer factor when mixed in with your mediums for make up and nail polish.

It works great when used in resins for casting, or in your paints, varnishes or for your projects and artwork. You can use in casting resins to make pearl looking plastic parts using water or oil based resins.

Make your own cosmetics such as makeup, nail polish and more.

Car paints and detailing.

Metallic or Pearl effects in-door, out-door and so much more.

You can use this mineral powder for repairing ceramics, some glass works and to make very unique intricate creations.

Create highly creative scrap booking works

Create your own personal greeting cards with templates and much more

You will love and appreciate working with Slice of the Moon pearl pigment powders. With every project, there are challenges and even learning curves.

Relax and enjoy the process as you experiment with your powders.

Always use Slice of the moon powders because our powders go a long way.

If you can think it, you can do it.

Can you feel the juices flowing?

That is creativity!

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