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Who’s Here Now?

Four Unidentified Women

Accession Number: 1974:0193:0002

Maker: Southworth & Hawes

Title: Four Unidentified Women

Date: ca. 1850

Medium: daguerreotype

Dimensions: whole plate; 21.6 x 16.5 cm.

George Eastman House Collection

General information about the George Eastman House Photography Collection is available at

For information on obtaining reproductions go to:

7 comments to Four Unidentified Women

  • fleurdecoucou

    Beautiful !

  • Miss History

    Very fashionable group here!

  • marcyphotos

    Okay ladies. No electric curling irons, no blowdryers, no hair spray or hair products. They had BOBBY PINS. Just Bobby pins…and look how well they did. And can you imagine how much time these hairstyles took??? Amazing.

  • I am just Dawn Marie

    I beg to differ Marcy. While I am not an era aficionado, I do believe they used a flat iron that they heated on the stove tops. Similar, if not the same, as the ones they used for their clothing. But… I could be wrong. And I do believe that they had ‘stuff’ they used to put in their hair, especially for occasions like this to keep the hold. If they could identify every leaf on the ground and know its healing properties then I am sure they knew what to stick under their armpits to ‘relieve’ everyone and what to boil into a dippity-do consistency to make their hair do … I want to say odd things, but if they had ever seen some of the do’s since their generation, they’d need vapors. But these are just MHO. :=))

  • Miss History

    they definitely didn’t have the modern conveniences we have today, but Shell-Shocked & Numb is right- they did have curling irons, except they were the type you’d have to set in the coals to heat. There are three at an antique store I frequent and I really want to buy one…

    how old are bobby pins anyway? does anyone know?

  • phoenixesrose

    they also had combs. bone and wooden combs have been the style of ladies for generations (think ancient egypt). They also used leather bands, string, and ribbons to bind up the ends of their braids.
    Re – "goop" in hair – they had grease / lard in various forms (think yes, even oil and axle grease), and yes, while not quite oil/axle grease, some forms of these were used in hair. To get curls, they would use curling irons – and also – rags tied up somehow to make the spiral curls. I have pictures of my great grandmother in the late 1800′s as a child with rags tied meticulously in her hair.

  • Dörnveek

    oh, a dog show.

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