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Glitter Glue Pens- Bonus Bucket Set of 50

Wow! This amazing set has 50 Glitter Glue pens all in one easy to carry bucket. Each pen has a “Stay Fresh” seal on it so you do not have to worry about them drying up. The set has many bright sparkly colors! Perfect for artists and crafters of all ages. Ideal for scrapbooking. The pens can be used to draw lines of glitter or use them to create little dots dashes or dabs. Non-toxic washable and solvent free.

Product Features

  • Nicole Quality Bucket of 50 Glitter Glue Pens!
  • Safe, Non-Toxic,
  • Solvent Free. These glitter glue pens are even WASHABLE!
  • Have fun decorating paper.
  • Conveniently packaged in a Reusable Storage Bucket with Handle, Perfect for taking along with you! Ages 3 to adult.

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3 comments to Glitter Glue Pens- Bonus Bucket Set of 50

  • Sue Miller "Emma's Mom"

    Great Buy! My 3 year old and all of her friends are really into making crafty things using glitter glue. This is a great deal–worth the price and good quality, easy to use.

  • Anonymous

    My cousin loved it! She has sent me her beautiful art work of all her family and friends. That is all

  • Anonymous

    My 3 year old has an addiction to glitter glue…. these made his day! There are 3 of every color, but colors are not traditional primary rainbow colors – they have a bit of a neon hue. He loves them though. Easy to use.

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