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Grafix KSF6-WIJ 8-1/2-Inch by 11-Inch Shrink Film, Printable, White Inkjet, 6-Pack

Print your art and shrink it with White Inkjet Printable Grafix Shrink Film. You simply print, cut and heat with a heat gun or in the oven for instant artistic objects. When heated the film designs will become half their size and cool to strong plastic pieces of art. Make one of a kind jewelry, buttons, gift tags, zipper pulls and ornaments. Create personalized gifts like key chains, charms and magnets in no time. 8-1/2-Inch by 11-inch white inkjet pack of 6.

Product Features

  • When heated grafix shrink film will shrink to about 50-percent of its original size
  • When cooled to room temperature it becomes thicker and hard
  • Works with all standard inkjet printers and prints on both sides
  • Easy to cut with scissors, die cut machines and punches
  • Sheets are white inkjet printable 8-1/2-inch by 11-inch and there are 6 sheets in the pack

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2 comments to Grafix KSF6-WIJ 8-1/2-Inch by 11-Inch Shrink Film, Printable, White Inkjet, 6-Pack

  • Underwater Attack Cat

    It works but… It works like shrinky dinks normally do but after baking the cut out shapes have a rough texture to them. Not scratchy but you can definitely feel the roughness that regular color and bake shrinky dink film doesn’t have.Other than that it worked fairly well for what I had in mind which was printing out family photos and creating gifts for family members. Note of warning, darker pictures will seem MUCH darker after shrinking so if you have a way of lightening the pics before you print and bake them your pieces will look better in the finished product. Black&White photos came out just as nice and the color pics. One last thing, which I think was my fault for free hand cutting and rounding edges of my pics, is that some (not all) of my pics shrank at an angle making the rectangles and squares offset.All of the things I listed above wouldn’t keep me from using this product again, but I know more now than I did before I wasted a few sheets. I would use them again, but better tools, planning, and prepping photos prior will be necessary. Hope my trial and errors help you out in advance if you’re interested in using this product!

  • Heather L. Landry "illustr8ter"

    Read the directions carefully and you’ll get very good results. I have used this product once (I just ordered my second batch today) and since it was my first time, I was super paranoid and read and followed the directions painstakingly. Because of this, I was able to create very pretty, colorful keychains that sold well at the event I took them to. All six sheets came out well. I do definitely recommend coating them with mod podge to seal the color. The texture is rough so if you’re making something you would not like to be rough, this would be another strong incentive to use a clear sealant.I obtained perfectly flat pieces by waiting for them to flatten out in the oven and following up by squashing them down with thin a piece of smooth, coated cardboard and applying force evenly over it with something flat. If a rogue piece was too curled up out of the oven to squash down, I simply pulled it flatter with disposable wooden chopsticks before I put the cardboard down onto it.If you’re worried you’ll miss an important step just have a short checklist at your elbow to make absolutely sure that you lightened your image by 50% BEFORE PRINTING and punched any holes BEFORE BAKING. Those are the two big things you don’t want to forget.

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