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Hair Chalk, Temporary Hair Color, 24 Bright Colors

Hair chalks are the hottest hair fashion in 2012. To use these hair chalks, you need to wet the hair strand you need to color. You need to rub the chalk on the front and backsides. After this, you need to use a flat iron to set the color when the hair is dry. The color should last at least two days.

Product Features

  • This product is sold by Hinky Imports from Austin, TX. The other sellers who are also selling on this listing might ship from China and send you regular artist pastels instead. Shop with caution and buy from the United States. The product reviews about the wrong pastels sent were for the Chinese sellers’ products because they sent customers regular artist pastels instead, which are just knockoffs.
  • Hair chalk is the hottest hair fashion for this year.
  • 24 Colors in One Box;
  • Cannot be returned once opened
  • Temporary Color Products( It lasts about two days)

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3 comments to Hair Chalk, Temporary Hair Color, 24 Bright Colors

  • Princess "Busy Mom"

    Fun way to play with color on hair! I’ve read some of the reviews that complain about the package not saying that they are specifically hair chalk and that there are no instructions. My hairdresser shared that the hair chalk is really no different than regular artists chalk. As far as no instructions, really you don’t need them! You get the hair wet, rub the chalk on, let it dry, and curl or flat iron it if you want it to stay longer! That’s it! I have been told you can also buy oil free artists chalk at craft stores like Michaels. We were happy with this purchase. It’s pretty cheap, it works, and the selection of colors is fantastic! A fun way to try different colors in your hair without a big commitment, as it washes out in one or two shampoos. Don’t be a hair chalk snob, this stuff is fine, and have FUN!

  • penguin

    cheaper option This is not worth the money. It is the same as soft pastels (not oil pastels) which is similar chalk. They are sold at any local craft store. I got mine at Michaels for $5. They are Artist’s Loft brand and there is 36 colors. They work great for summer styles.

  • Jennifer E Myers

    Novice I wish there were some tips on using them but they are in great condition and exactly what I was looking for

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