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How to Make Natural Handmade Soap (A Home Life Book) (Volume 2)

Soap making is a fun and easy activity as long as you are familiar with the process and use safe soapmaking practices. Home made soaps make wonderful personal gifts for family and friends. you can add your (or their) essential oils to personalize them The reasons for deciding to make soap may be different for many people, some want to try it out as a new hobby, others may have issues with store bought soaps because they can cause allergies. Also,store bought soaps can be very expensive . This book will guide you step by step through the soap making process and before long you will be an expert at making natural and luxurious hand made soaps for you, your family and friends, or for your own soap making business. Here is a sample of the soaps (And remember to add your favorite essential oils) Honey Soap Coffee Soap Goat Milk Soap Shea Butter Soap Castile Soap Lavender Soap Minty Chocolate Soap…And Many More Get this book today and you will soon be on your way to making inexpensive, safe, and all -natural hand made soap

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