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How to Make Origami Paper Flowers (Volume 2)

How to Make Origami Paper Flowers – Volume 2

In Volume 2 you will be introduced to 5 more easy to make origami flowers.

How to Make Origami Paper Flowers Volume 2 continues the introduction to making origami for the curious beginners, kids, aspiring origami artists or anyone on the go or on the wait!

The purpose of it is to give the person who wants to start learning how to make paper origami flowers but only finds bits and pieces of information, whether online or offline and wants a collection of only origami flower instructions.

Here you will have a collection of exactly what you were looking for; flowers to make out of paper. No more need to search around and dig for what you want.

It is also useful in that it will introduce most aspiring origamists gradually and effectively into the skill of folding paper and at the same time building a great foundation for more elaborate and ambitious projects in the future.

The exercises in this book go from basic and increasing in difficulty, but not to a great degree of difficulty. I designed it this way to naturally, and hopefully, increase your skill to prepare you for each upcoming exercise; however you are free to skip to any flower in the book that you wish.

Book size: About 25 pages.

* Introduction
* Materials
* Base Fold
1. Camellia
2. Wild Pink
3. Wild Iris
4. Lily
5. Tulip & Rose Bud
* Templates

There is also a full version available which includes both volumes 1 and 2 with all instructions for origami flower beginners.

We also plan on having all volumes available in PDF format to legitimate customers at no extra cost in the future.

Thank you for your interest.

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